We are a new medium and long haul trucking business based in Texas, and founded by entrepreneur Shanga Evans.

About Us

The origin of the company came from ten years experience management in the oil field, hazardous materials, and general freight short and long haul operations with various companies and contractors servicing multiple clientele. Putting out a product or products that are reliable and dependable for the job makes or breaks sustainability with those clients that will look to you to service and manage their needs down the road. TodayMadeSimple's concept was created by taking life's complexities and simplifying them for a more manageable tomorrow.

Our Services

18-wheeler trucks with industry specific trailers, flatbed, chemical, dry van, refrigerated box, pneumatic, LTL freight services, hazmat, oil field services, refrigerated transportation, logistical resolution services. T.M.S. will offer the following services for businesses in the 48 states: Pickup and delivery of goods with a minimum per-delivery weight of 20,000 lbs from and to locations in its geographic range by 18-wheeler trucks hauling dry van trailers. Both "less than a truck load" and "truck load" services Online tracking information detailing the location of all GPS-tagged trucks and the status of deliveries, including expected arrival times for pick-up or delivery. Phone support for all customer questions, delivery changes, and scheduling preferred client services including online accounts, regular schedules of shipping, or linking of client order information directly to T.M.S. Logistics scheduling software to allow for seamless logistics.